am a photographer and artist working from my studio near the seaside town of Salcombe in South Devon.  I showcase my work through Gallery 5 in Island Street, the 'arts and maritime' part of Salcombe.

Originally from the Cotswolds, I was inspired early by the sea and the beauty of water on an amazing transatlantic voyage at the age of 20 in a 30’ wooden boat. I have lived near the sea ever since.

My creative journey began as a photographer, through my business Exp!osures in Salcombe where we specialised in black and white family portraits, back in the day when we printed in our own dark room. This developed into a broader skill with wedding and landscape photography in the digital era. I still enjoy photographing  the beautiful coastal and countryside images in Devon.

With a keen eye for form, colour and composition, I have since started painting in acrylic. Inspired by a visit to Australia and the aboriginal artwork there and in the style of pointillism, I bring my own sense of style, vision and colours to this ancient art form.  My pieces are meticulously worked up to create flowing curves and beautiful designs and are appreciated by many clients for their natural flow, depth and sense of calm.

Please call 07966 173737 to discuss ideas and commissions.




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